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I cover all areas of digital design.

Digital Design

Eccommerce development, branding, web development, graphic design, web design, coding, ui, integrated.

UI/ Visual Design

App design, ui, product.


Graphics, Web, Branding, Conceptual, Logos

Product Design

Design, Engineering

My Portfolio

I graduated with a 2:1 in BSc Product Design from Brunel University in 2009. Now I am a fully fledged Designer of all areas. If you have a project you need assistance with, please do get in touch using the contact form below...

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What I Do

  • Artworking
  • Image Recolouring
  • Graphic Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Adobe CC
  • Digital Design
  • Asset Management

Meet Me

Designer and Engineer.


Patrick O'Donoghue

CEO / Founder

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Need a designer or engineer? You don't just want just a designer. Not one that can make graphics and that's all. You want someone who undertands business from the inside out. You want someone who will work with the product and/or service and can translate it onto screen and print. An understanding of ethos. A person who completely understands the meaning behind the brand. Odono Design. Let's make it happen:


Greater London


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